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18mm OSB3 TG4
2400 x 590 mm
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The 18mm square edged profile OSB Tongue and Groove are suitable for both interior and exterior structural applications such as:

  • Load bearing applications
  • Fibre glass roofing
  • Cab be used in humid conditions
  • Flooring
  • Wall sheathing
  • Hoarding

OSB3 Tongue & Groove 2400mm x 600mm x 18mm is a high quality board for roofing or flooring applications, with edges machined to the finest tolerance for a perfect fit and faces calibrated to a standard finished thickness.

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C24 Structural Timber 

is stronger, has less knots than C16 timber and is better for wider spans and higher loads

Celotex/Xtratherm Insulation

  • 2400x1200 Sheets
  • 25mm, 50mm, 100mm & 120mm
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